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Every great journey starts with a single step

By November 1, 2021January 5th, 2022No Comments

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

All great successes start from humble beginnings. Where would Apple Inc be without Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s vision conceived in his garage in 1976, or Walt Disney’s Disney World Parks be without him setting up his first studio in his uncle’s garage. What these guys had in common is a belief in themselves and their vision and regardless of countless set-backs they never gave up on their dreams.

“Life is a journey, not a destination”

Life is a journey, not a destination. We are all here on this “Earth School” to learn and grow and our quest is to realise that we are all pure potential, waiting to be fulfilled. Everything we want is possible for us as long as we can perceive it, and believe it. If I have 100 people in a room and ask each person to describe their dream, each one will come up with a different answer because we are all on our own unique journey. Everyone has an idea that comes calling and keeps showing up until action is taken to bring it into reality. Louise Hay lived by this belief – “if you can perceive it and believe it, you can achieve it”. And she was right. If you have a recurring dream, or an impulse to go in a particular direction, just do it. You are constantly receiving messages from the universe to start, but most of the time you ignore it, because you lack the right mindset and self-belief it takes to achieve it. Alternatively, you take a step towards your dream, fail and give up.

Imagine if our all-time great inventors didn’t take that first step towards their dream, how different our lives would look today. What if Edison gave up as he failed over and over again in his quest for light. You see, the trick is to follow your idea through, but not to get bogged down in the detail of how you are going to get to the finish line before you even start. When we get bogged down in the detail, our conditioned mind takes over and brings to our awareness all of the reasons why we are destined to fail in our efforts. Every limiting belief you have in your ability to succeed is brought to your attention. All this is happening unconsciously, and before you know it, you give up before you even start.

“Success will only ever be achieved outside your comfort zone”

To overcome this, you must make sure your vision of what you want is clear, crystal clear and so compelling, so enticing that it will magnetise you to it. The desire to achieve it must be greater than your fears. Your subconscious mind will work tirelessly to sabotage your dream, bringing to your awareness all your old self-imposed limitations and limiting beliefs that you were conditioned with as a child. All these thoughts are unconscious, and are there to keep you safe in your comfort zone. But you and I know that your greatest growth happens outside your comfort zone and belief in your dream is the fuel that will drive your success. Your compelling vision and your belief are the two ingredients that will give you the courage and confidence to take that first step. That vital step towards creating the life you want.

“Dream, Prepare, (fail, fail again), Achieve”

Once you have committed just one single step, the universal “GPS” kicks in. Just like the GPS system in your car will not begin to give you directions until the car has started moving, your universal GPS system (your intuition) will not begin to guide you, until you have taken that first step. Once action is taken, it is important to remember that no success happens overnight and there will be many failures along the way. You will try and fail over and over again, but each failure is bringing you one step closer to success. Each failure is another lesson learnt, feedback that is guiding you on the right path. Never give up, because the reward that is awaiting you is worth the pain. Others will try to tell you it will never work, but they do not have the commitment you have, the vision and the belief you have that the world needs your dream.

“The only time is NOW”

There is no perfect time to start on your journey to greatness. The only time you are guaranteed is NOW, so take your first step today. Focus on the unlimited possibilities available to you in energetic potential, prepare to fail over and over again and watch your life unfold in miraculous ways.

With love & gratitude,