Reiki Level 2  (Second degree) Certification

Second degree Reiki or Level 2 Reiki Certification is all about continued self-healing and growth, but it also broadens your knowledge and healing skills to enable you to helps others to heal and grow.

Reiki Level 2 is for those who wish to continue their healing journey with Reiki and for those who would like to set up their own Reiki business. Students must have completed their Reiki Level 1 training and received their certification. Becoming attuned to Reiki Second Degree will further unlock the full potential of the Reiki energy – up to four times stronger than level 1 – to greatly accelerate your own and other’s healings.

What’s included in the training:

  • Deep emotional and mental clearing
  • Full Revision OF Reiki Level1 to include the History of Reiki, Principles of healing, balancing the Chakras, Cleansing the Aura and all of the hand positions for giving a full Reiki Healing session
  • DISTANT HEALING – one of the greatest gifts that comes with the SECOND-DEGREE REIKI Attunement is the ability to perform REIKI HEALING on friends/ family/clients that are living at a distance – in another country etc. It can be used to send new and positive thought patterns to anyone anywhere with the same effectiveness as if that person was with you in person.
  • Reiki Sacred Symbols and their Mantras – each of which has its own unique Healing Energy together with a range of special techniques which use one or more of the Symbols.
  • Business Ethics and Code of Conduct for those who want to use Reiki on a business level as well as a personal level.
  • Students who wish to be Listed as a Practitioner on the Reiki Federation of Ireland Website and to practice on a Business Level will also need to attend an additional 2 Day Reiki Practitioner Training Course.

End to end process of delivering a session to a client.

All students must bring their Level 1 Certification with them. Bring along a journal and pen. Wear comfortable clothes as there are up to 6 hours of hands-on training over the weekend.