Reiki Level 3 (Third degree) Certification – Mastership

Becoming a Reiki Master is not just about getting another higher qualification or becoming a Reiki teacher. It is a commitment to a healing practice and spiritual discipline which will inevitably change you and your whole life too. So before applying to become a Reiki Master, consider the consequences. Change is inevitable whether or not you study Reiki, but living unconsciously is not an option once the choice is made. You become a life-long student of growth and personal development, constantly seeking the truth, and taking very seriously the responsibiity for guiding others on this path as well. As a Master’s self-awareness, knowledge and understanding of Reiki grows, but so too do the beneficial effects of this powerful modality on your life.

What’s included in the training:

  • A review of the Reiki System, different strands of Reiki, lineage.
  • Review of symbols, hand positions, techniques and benefits of Reiki
  • Understanding the development of Reiki in the West
  • All of the theory and practice under Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher
  • Attunement and meditation on the Master Symbol
  • Understanding the attunement process and the essential personal and environmental preparations needed
  • Demonstrations and practice of the attunement process for each level of Reiki ( on a correspondent and on fellow students)
  • What to include and how to teach Reiki at Level 1 for individuals and groups
  • What to include and how to teach Reiki at Level 2 for individuals and groups
  • Demonstration and discussion of Master attunement methods and practice
  • The importance of self-care working as a Master Reiki Practitioner
  • Understanding the working with the Reiki Principles in today’s world and your commitment to self-healing and Reiki as a way of life
  • How to establish and run a successful Reiki Teaching business, including legal responsibilities, keeping records, marketing and duty of care
  • Questions and answers
  • Course summary and presentation of certificates