lisa king

Lisa King

Account Manager, LinkedIn

“I feel like I have returned to my body for the first time in 2 years.”

I came to Pauline disconnected, confused and lost. Working with her has completely shifted how I view myself and the world around me and I feel like I have returned to my body for the first time in 2 years. Pauline creates a safe place where you can be yourself and she guides and reassures you at every stage of the process. Within 3 weeks I have achieved so much for myself and I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend time with Pauline and practice her coaching and empowering techniques in my daily life.

“I can’t thank you enough.”

After just 5 sessions with you, I feel like ‘Lynn’ again, I haven’t felt this way in years. I can’t thank you enough I am so grateful for the sessions and all I have learned from you. I am feeling very positive and optimistic about my life…but most importantly, I am happy again 🙂

– Lynn Hosey McGann

“Achieving more in the last couple of years than I had in the previous decade!”

Working with Pauline has given me a grounding and deep-rooted sense of self that I didn’t think was possible. Through her coaching and energy work we uncovered lots of hidden limiting beliefs that were unknowingly holding me back, making sense of the negative repeating patterns in my life. Since clearing away this energetic dead wood I have been able to step into my true authentic self, achieving more in the last couple of years than I had in the previous decade! All with a sense of purpose, balance, peace, personal growth and truth. Pauline’s approach is direct, warm, pragmatic and her work is quite simply life changing!

catherine mulholland

Catherine Mulholland

Leader in Tech Operations, LinkedIn

“Your energy and passion is a healing presence to anyone and everyone as you share it so effortlessly.”

Pauline thank you so much. I really didn’t know what to expect. It was challenging and at times I definitely was pushed outside of my comfort zone. On reflection that’s where the magic happened and I am a better person for it. Your energy and passion is a healing presence to anyone and everyone as you share it so effortlessly.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

– Elaine Murphy

“I would highly recommend this to other young women who are navigating the ups and downs of the modern world!”

I’ve had reiki at times in my 20’s when I’ve felt out of alignment with myself. Sessions with Pauline help guide me back and in the days that follow I have a greater sense of clarity. I would highly recommend this to other young women who are navigating the ups and downs of the modern world!

Diandra Xavier

Deirdre O’Neil

“Working with Pauline has been life changing for me and I count her as one of the most valuable supports in my life.”

Not knowing what to expect when I met her first, she has created a space of trust, a space where I am safe to be the real me and at times a space where I have been able to simply breathe. Using both a holistic and very practical coaching approach during her sessions has allowed me to make many changes in both my personal and professional life. Her support over 2020 was particularly valuable as I navigated my way through a very turbulent time and I use the practical and very do-able life skills she has taught me on a daily basis to make positive changes and create far greater balance in many areas of my life. She has particularly helped me with my communication skills, courage and confidence.

Having had sessions with Pauline both in person and virtually, her warmth and friendliness will immediately make you feel very much at ease and assure you that you are in the right place to achieve the results you want.
Taking the time and space to work with Pauline will create magnificent changes on both a personal and/or business level and is guaranteed to be one of the best decisions you will make.

“Abundance is flowing in at a level I could never have possibly dreamed of.”

Abundance is flowing in at a level I could never have possibly dreamed of, and I am grateful beyond words for it all. I must extend a huge thank you to you and all the help and guidance you have given me over the last year.

Greg Xavier

Plant Based – Ireland

Damien Fallon

Title Here, Company Here

“When I first met with Pauline I did so with an open mind and a willingness just to go wherever it took me. Every realisation that I’ve had so far and every truth that I’ve uncovered about myself have all been encouraged out of me by Pauline.”

The understanding that I now have about my life and what’s brought me to where I am now have only been possible because of the sense of empowerment I’ve gained through working with Pauline.

Through Pauline’s guidance I had my very own ‘Eureka Moment’, It was literally like joining all the dots of my life so far and being able to trace them all the way back to their source in order to provide me with the ‘why’s and how’s’ necessary for me to change what needed to be changed.

I genuinely don’t feel I have the words strong enough to convey just how powerful and positive an effect that working with Pauline has had on me, both personally and professionally. I’m by no means a new person now… I’m a person who now understands the potential I have and I now possess the tools needed to work towards being the very best that I can be.

“Pauline’s unique approach to energy healing combined with empowerment coaching is amazing, incomparable to anything else I have experienced.”

Pauline entered my life at just the right time. I have a strong level of self-awareness and practice many tools and spiritual techniques that enable me to deal with life’s up and downs, most of the time. However, I had just gone through a very time-consuming and emotionally draining challenge that had knocked my self-care routines off my priority list, what a mistake! I felt exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally. On our first Zoom call she took one look at my energy and told me that that I was totally ungrounded, living in my hectic head and only functioning with 30% of my power. I had unconsciously handed over power to this event and most especially to others!

Pauline’s unique approach to energy healing combined with empowerment coaching is amazing, incomparable to anything else I have experienced. At the end of 4 sessions which included distance energy healing, coaching and lots of reflective writing I felt vibrant and ready to take on the world! My energy, my power & my passion for life were back stronger than before and my daily self-care routines including meditation, journaling and gratitude were restored 100%.

Denise Kennedy

Coach, Business Advisor & Mentor

Aoife Keeley

Healthcare Worker

“Pauline gave me the tools to quieten my mind.”

A friend of mine recommended Pauline. I didn’t know exactly what exactly was entailed, but I wasn’t in a great place and needed something. I had considered counselling but had done this before. My mind was on overdrive and I had no peace despite having a very full comfortable life.

Pauline gave me the tools to quieten my mind. She also helped me to identify my triggers and to understand why I was getting upset. I will most certainly work with Pauline again in the future. I couldn’t recommend her more highly to everyone.

“She has helped bring positivity into my life.”

Pauline was recommended to me by a friend & I’m so glad I met her. She has helped bring positivity into my life more than I previously had & helped re-programme my view on lots of aspects of my life both professionally and personally. Her listening skills and the small goals she gives are excellent and helped me to focus and move forward.

Sandra Byrne

PR Professional

Emma Field

Account Manager, LinkedIn

“Pauline has changed my life.”

Before I met Pauline, I wasn’t really sure who I was anymore, or where I even fit in with my friends, work and life in general. I felt like I had no direction or purpose. I started working with Pauline when I returned to work after 12 months of maternity leave. My return to work was extremely difficult, emotional and stressful. After a year at home I was facing back in to a fast paced, high pressure, competitive environment with very few mothers. I was only the second in the division to return from maternity leave. I was struggling and I knew I needed help and a friend recommended that I meet Pauline…two years later & I still drop in to Pauline for what I like to call a “top up”!

Pauline instantly put me at ease when I was quite nervous about going to see someone. Following my first 1 / 2 sessions I felt the heavy weight of stress start to lift. Pauline helped me make sense of all the busyness in my head. I started to make sense of some things and that gave me the ability to make some decisions that I had been paralyzed to make. She guided and coached me through it at my own pace and what I was ready for. When she helped me to get grounded and make some sense of where I was that was when the real work started…following a few more sessions I started to discover what I wanted, what direction I now wanted my life to go in post maternity. Pauline gave me the tools to empower myself & to find the part of me that I had tucked away & I was hiding from. As a working mother, Pauline has empowered me to take control of my career & my life for what I want it to be & I couldn’t be happier.

This program has fundamentally changed my outlook and how I approach decisions and challenges in my life, for the better. I am stronger, more open, happier and more positive on how I approach things and it’s all down to the work with Pauline. I speak quite openly with people about how Pauline has changed my life and I’ve since had a few friends come through the process, thankful for having met her. Pauline is an incredible life coach, empowerment coach and energy healer. She has a warmth that will bring you instant comfort and an incredible talent to help you navigate what might seem like your darkest days to see only the bright future that you want!